Monday, July 24, 2006

Democrats Are Really Stupid

Can you believe John "Dipshit" Kerry had the nerve to say that if he was president that we wouldn't have this middle east crisis. How is this Mr. Kerry? Would you have sided with France and wanted to take action against Israel? And then theres Howard "Fucking Moron" Dean who has come out and said the same thing. What is wrong with these fucking idiots. They really think that you can sit down and talk to these terrorist. Diplomacy doesn't work for terrorist! You have to just wipe these allah loving dickwads off the face of the planet. I'll tell you it's not going to be a dumbassocrat who does it. All they wan't to do is run and hide and pretend that there is no threat from terrorist or other rouge nations. I hope some jihadi's hit Nantucket one day just to let them, the elite democrats, know that they can't and won't do shit to help fight this "War on Terror!"

By the way, what is Dean wearing in this picture posted, a PLO scarf? I think he's trying to say he supports terror! Well I say FUCK THE DEMOCRATS and their terror loving buddies!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Wasting Your Tax Dollars

I can't believe this bitch, Cynthia McKinney, is getting away with assaulting a police officer! If I struck the officer I would be looking at doing time, but not this bitch. She get's a free pass because she's a black congress woman. Don't press charges against her, they might call us rasict! Oh no, not that. The black community already views you as rasict, so what's it's going to matter.

It's crazy that she can abuse her powers like this and then you've got the rest of congress trying to stick up for her. What do they think, that they are above the law and every other citizen in America is below them. Of course they do, they are all corrupt and it's time to get rid of every one of these piece's of shit that have sold America out! It's time to take America back from all of these greedy bastards, VOTE them out. Fuck both the republican's and democrat's on this matter. They don't wan't to do shit about anything, but what's good for them and only them.

If your black, why do you keep voting for democrats? Don't you realize that they are just using you for a vote. Look how the democrats are exploiting the illegal alien's in this country! Of course they wan't to grant them all amnesty because they think this will increase their voting base. They, the democrats, could care less about your cause. If they really wanted to end poverty and get the poor out of the ghetto why don't they do more for them, like getting them jobs or maybe donating some of those millions they have to help create jobs? Instead they just pay them to stay at home (welfare) and pretend that they are trying to help when they are really just making them depend on them more. It's bullshit.

Sorry, i'm just ranting becuase the whole world is about to blow up and I needed to get this off my chest.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Innocent Civilian

Is this one of the inocent civilians the media is always talking about? Looks like grandma here isn't so innocent. Looks like she want's to kill some jew's and kuffar's. Hope she doesn't fall down and break a hip or anything! I don't think they have the "i've fallen and can't get up" service in Lebanon,


I can't believe the fools in Spain and France who oppose Israel defending itself calling for military action against Israel. Fuck that and fuck these pussy ass european appeaser's. I hope they get hit again with terror attacks and if they wan't to support terror I hope Israel will hit them as well or maybe the US will have the courage to step in and help with this situation. Isn't the world tired of all this terrorism bullshit? It's time to put an end to terrorism by putting an end to islam! They are the terrorist not the Christian's or the Hindu's or Buddist. When was the last time you read about a Christian cutting of the head of a muslim becuase he's occupying his land? FUCK ISLAM and FUCK LIBERALS who want to support the terrorist!

Liberal's are so fucking stupid here is there thinking: let's support terrorism because it's anti-bush and I hate bush some much that I want his agenda to fail and I don't care if America fails because I don't believe in winners or losers because i'm a selfish fucking pussy that's never amounted shit in life!

Why don't you assholes just move to europe where you belong or maybe try the middle east since it has such great culture and America's culture is crappy!

I just wanted to say GO ISRAEL!

Friday, July 14, 2006

They don't Care

Can you believe these crooks, senators, we have in DC? What don't they understand about securing the border? Do they not listen to the voters? They voted to build a fence on the border and now they voted against funding it! What kind of shit is this? I bet they'll give themself's a pay raise, but forget protecting America. It's time to fire all these assholes on capital hill! Do they really care about America? I don't think so or do they make to much money off the drug's flowing into this country? We know the democrats wan't the illegals here so they can boost their voting base.

Oh, yeah, and thanks to the liberal fuckers for letting this terrorism shit get so out of hand. If they would just shut the fuck up and let us unleash our true military might maybe we could get this "War on Terror"shit over with. I say Go Israel! I hope we will help them in destroying all these terrorist factions and maybe the rest of the so called "civilized" world will get on board to help wipe the enemy out once and for all. I'm sure we'll end up having to save europe again because you know they can't protect themselves it just wouldn't be very PC!

Monday, July 10, 2006

The UN needs to GO!

Is the UN really any good? I mean, seriously, what has the UN ever accomplished besides more corrupt governments and politicians. Yeah, lets let them create the New World Order! Kofi how's Africa doing? How are communist countries part of the UN or how are islamic countries on the human rights board? Isn't it supposed to be for the good of mankind? If Russia and China are supporting mankind why are they refusing to do anything about their buddy Kim Jong Ill? Could it be that they don't give a fuck about the world. Why isn't Russia doing more to fight terrorist? Islamic thugs murdered their children in cold blood and nothing has come of it. Didn't some Russian diplomats just get their heads cut off in Iraq buy some more islamic thugs. What about China, why don't they do more to help the world? Why does America have to tend to the world's wounds? Why can't China give aid to the world, could it be that they don't give a fuck and are in it for themselfs? Why is China's google censored? What are they afraid of? I know America is not the best thing, but it's the best thing this world has to offer!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Death to the dirty kuffar!

I thought muslims loved the Clinton's and this whole terrorism thing began on 9/11/01? Didn't Bush create this whole problem with Islam? This is what the dumbassocrats and liberals claim. "It's all Bush's fault" this is all we ever hear. Well, I just wanted to say fuck Bill Clinton and all his little brain-washed followers out there. Nothing but a bunch of commie, socialist, leftest bastards. Who sold the US out to the Chinese? Who gave North Korea that nuke technology? BILL CLINTON! Why all this business with communist countries? Now we have the threat of his bitch wife running for president. You know what she want's, Communism for everybody! If she does win, besides being fucked as a nation, just remember the muslims will hate her too!

Funny, HA, HA, HA

The two pics are funny. I stole them off the Barking Moonbat site, so I could share them with you.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

What Would Liberals Do

It's funny how all the liberals and dumbassocrats are coming out demanding Bush go to war with North Korea now! Imagine if Bush did attack NK, the moonbats would then be crying like little bitches calling him a warmonger! The nut-jobs on the left are out of control and are fucking America up. Lets not forget who gave the NK's nuke technology: BILL CLINTON. I wish Bush would just go ahead and nuke the NK's, Iran, Syria, Indonesia and China just so we can be done with a majority of these countries who hate us and yes, China is an enemy of America. China is waiting for us to destroy ourselfs internally and then they'll make their move. This internal destruction is happening thanks to the moonbats in our country. Time for good American's to stand up against the leftist, socialist, facist, communist bastards in our country.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Charlie Daniles Tells It As It Is

Man, you have to read this post on Charlie Daniels' meassage board. It's a message to congress and he tells them how it is and I agree with him 100%. Here is a quote from that post:

"It is a sad day in America when things have become so political
that when a murdering monster like al Zarqawi is done away with the Democrats act as if it means absolutely nothing just because it was done under a Republican administration.

If it had happened under Bill Clinton they would have been jumping over the Washington Monument. I am so disgusted with Harry Reid and his ilk who stand back and make mealy mouthed statements criticizing how the war is being fought and when some headway is obviously made they act as if nothing had happened."

The democrats and liberals can't deny this! Good 'ol Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton would have plenty of women lined up to perform "non-sexual" acts in the oval office for being a great warrior! Blow-jobs don't count as sex unless your a Republican!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

American Bad Ass

This guy, Gunnery Sgt Michael Burghardt, is no John Kerry and is what I and many would call a hero. If Kerry would have been in this guy's shoes he would have had to been put on the KIA list. Please click the link and check out Gunnery Sgt Michael Burghardt bravery.