Thursday, July 06, 2006

What Would Liberals Do

It's funny how all the liberals and dumbassocrats are coming out demanding Bush go to war with North Korea now! Imagine if Bush did attack NK, the moonbats would then be crying like little bitches calling him a warmonger! The nut-jobs on the left are out of control and are fucking America up. Lets not forget who gave the NK's nuke technology: BILL CLINTON. I wish Bush would just go ahead and nuke the NK's, Iran, Syria, Indonesia and China just so we can be done with a majority of these countries who hate us and yes, China is an enemy of America. China is waiting for us to destroy ourselfs internally and then they'll make their move. This internal destruction is happening thanks to the moonbats in our country. Time for good American's to stand up against the leftist, socialist, facist, communist bastards in our country.


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