Monday, July 24, 2006

Democrats Are Really Stupid

Can you believe John "Dipshit" Kerry had the nerve to say that if he was president that we wouldn't have this middle east crisis. How is this Mr. Kerry? Would you have sided with France and wanted to take action against Israel? And then theres Howard "Fucking Moron" Dean who has come out and said the same thing. What is wrong with these fucking idiots. They really think that you can sit down and talk to these terrorist. Diplomacy doesn't work for terrorist! You have to just wipe these allah loving dickwads off the face of the planet. I'll tell you it's not going to be a dumbassocrat who does it. All they wan't to do is run and hide and pretend that there is no threat from terrorist or other rouge nations. I hope some jihadi's hit Nantucket one day just to let them, the elite democrats, know that they can't and won't do shit to help fight this "War on Terror!"

By the way, what is Dean wearing in this picture posted, a PLO scarf? I think he's trying to say he supports terror! Well I say FUCK THE DEMOCRATS and their terror loving buddies!


Blogger LittleOrangeFox said...

you are my hero ^_^

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, you're a very angry man.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Dolomite said...

Terrorism is bad. I agree. What the war in Iraq is doing to help fight terrorism... I'm really not sure. In fact the truth is that if anything it has made us less safe... From the standpoint that a large part of our military is over seas... and we've pissed just about everyone in the world off. (i know know... you don't care who we piss off... well i'm just pointing out that pissing people off isn't always the best idea... like if someone had a gun to your face... the best idea might not be to make fun of their large nose... but that is just me." You can spout rhetoric as much as you want, but it doesn't make it true.

A better comparison for this "war on terror" would be to the "war on drugs"...

And, take a look around your trailor park... all those people cooking up meth... show how well the "war on drugs" worked. The "war on terror" is a slogan concocted in order for retarded douches like yourself... to use when someone like myself is critical about this war... all you have to say is "Obviously you support terrorism"... which is by far the lamest and most retarded thing to say... but hey, i doubt you really care about the truth anyway...

Besides... I thought the war in Iraq was about WMD's... no? Or to take out Saddam... a man who your boy Reagan supported for many years. (I only imagine you must be a Reagan fan, sorry if you aren't... but I picture his testicles in a jar of fermaldahyde sitting on your desk... occasionally brought out in order for them to be inserted in your mouth every other day or so)

Well, I'm sure you will come up with some bull shit... and make fun of me... although, i would say that reagan testicles in a jar so you can still suck them... is def. way more funny and original than anything you could ever think of...

Dolomite Out

9:40 AM  
Blogger the boodge said...


You sound like such an elitest-rich-snob-trust fund-baby: I'm so educated and better then you listen to me vermin!


I live in a trailer park, ok? So, now your saying all people in trailer parks are bad and meth heads. Whose the rascist now? Oh wait, liberals can't be rascist only republicans and white people can be!

Iraq did have WMD's! Your telling me the whole world had bad intel? Do you think Syria, Iran, Russia, France might have had something to do with getting those weapons out to make the US look bad? What do you have to say about the oil for food scandal? Is it only a US myth? These countries all hate us, correct me if i'm wrong! Who is selling weapons to the Iranian's and Syrian's: RUSSIA & CHINA your communist friends.

I bet you hate Israel too!

Look i'm sorry you hate America so much, but maybe you should just pack your bags and move to Iran! It's so much better then America, you know they have real FREEDOM in Iran!

11:46 AM  
Blogger the boodge said...

Reagan's nuts are quite tasty, what I do is have them soaking in vinegar. It has a better after taste than fermaldahyde! You should try, but you have to get Clinton's dick out of your mouth first!

12:23 PM  
Anonymous dolomite said...

I am far from an elitist-rich-snob-trust fund-baby... You know I didn't sound like one anyway... You just said that to start off your pathetic rant on a good note. I actually grew up pretty poor... you can believe me or not, i have no reason to lie. I was lucky enough for my parents to send me to a very good grade/highschools (and sacrifice heavily to do so), and I have a college education (and am still paying loans, because no, it was not paid for by mommy and daddy). Currently I don't make much money at all... Don't really want or need to either... and no not because I'm a "commy" but because growing up without money - results in not much need for a lot of money. Actually we could probably agree on our hatred of rich snobs... I hate them almost as much as radical rightist fascists like yourself... normally i wouldn't use adjectives like that... but you must fight fire with fire.

First of all... seriously... you really think there was a huge conspiracy to get WMD's out of Iraq... to make the US look bad??? I mean, for real? I guess I can't prove you are wrong... But I guess you couldn't prove it wrong when retarded radicals say that 9/11 was an american conspiracy... Personally I think both accusations (yours and the 9/11 bull) are both rediculous bull shit... and will never believe either...

I don't think people who live in trailer parks are bad, do you really live in one though? That was just a lucky guess. I was only making fun because after reading a handful of your blogs, I realize that is your preffered method of getting points accross. Making outrageous statements and jokes and dirty words... which hey, that is fine... i could care less about that shit. My point is still there though. The "war on terror" is nothing but a slogan now... just as "the war on drugs" was. I do believe we need to do something about terrorism… that is why I think the war is so stupid. Oh, and as a white person myself... I'm not sure how making fun of trailer parks is "rascist"...

The oil for food program??? Not really sure why you brought that up... but... Well, you can read this... and then say it is just communist garbage ( that is fine.

Instead of fighting with you, I would like you to work with me on a couple of things.

a) by your blogs I can tell you aren't happy with the immigrant situation. Fine, me neither... But I don't see the point at getting mad at the Mexicans. The problem as I see it... is companies that hire illegal immigrants. Bush said something to the effect "if no american wants the job"... Well, no... no American should be working their ass off for 6 bucks an hour... with no benefits. So make these companies pay better and only hire legal citizens... Wouldn't that be a better solution??? Aren't people who hire illegal immigrants just as bad as the illegal immigrants???

b) you make fun of welfare recipients. First, the money spent on welfare is a very low fraction of the governments budget. But, who cares. How about this... I'll agree with you that people who abuse the welfare system are not good people, and that shouldn't be allowed to happen. If you agree to put more posts about other people who abuse tax paying americans, and lost them money... Like people who get PO boxes in the bahamas and save millions in tax dollars. Like the good people at enron. Like people who collect unemployment when they don't need to... Shit like that... Those are also problems. And cost more money for tax payers than welfare moms. Who, by the way... live really meaningless and pathetic lives... and really, i wouldn't want to be one... and so i find no reason to hate them. I would rather hate the douches, who make more money in a year than I will in my life... and still rip the country off for millions... They are the true douche bags.

I don't know... you can continue to hate me, and i will continue to hate you... I guess. Meanwhile the "politicians" running this country republicans/and democrats a like... will keep playing the "game"... make the rounds on all the morning shows, and repeat the same rhetoric day in and day out… and not do anything for this country. I am not a democtrat... and especially not a communist... So you can make fun of democrats and communists all you want... I am neither. I think the Democrats are a bunch of pussies... and the republicans are complete assholes, with nothing but dollar signs as motivation. And the communists are not even worth bringing up, because that is only a word you throw out to enrage people who think that fight wasn’t won in Rocky 4. (drago was a douche)

1:11 PM  
Anonymous dolomite said...

In retaliation to my own words... There is a fair share of Dems who only see dollar signs as well..

Also, I hate political correctness about as much as you... We probably have more common ground then you think. Although I think there is a time and place for everything... I find no problem with the phrase "ass rammer bitch fuck"... but I would never say that around my WWII vet grandfather... ya know?

Also... I really don't defend Clinton at all... but I would imagine his dick tastes like a prostitute ass.

1:21 PM  
Blogger the boodge said...


You must like my blog, you keep coming back!

Your attitude is of an elite-snob! Once you were poor now your rich: the American dream!

I never said "the war on terror" wasn't a slogan, becuase if it really was the war on terror we would go after all terrorist org's around the world including Iran, Syria, and N. Korea and all the other stupid rougue militia's. These thugs are "waving a gun in our face," they tell us they want to kill us everyday! Is this not enough of a threat for you (is it going to take a nuke in your town). Should we put our tail between our legs and run away and just give these assholes what they want! We as American's need to stand our ground and let these jerks know we are not going to tolerate their bullshit! They wan't to kill you and me: we're AMERICAN!

I think it's funny how you think you know it all about Iraq, before we invaded. Did you work in the intel community? Didn't think so!

Hate me all you want. I don't care! I just don't see the world the way you do and that's my RIGHT as an AMERICAN.

4:07 PM  
Blogger Roy said...

As a side point, I thought I'd mention that it's now becoming fashionable for the "underground" cliques (ie emo kids, stoners) here in England to wear those scarves, presumably as some sort of anti-war fashion statement.

3:01 PM  

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