Saturday, April 22, 2006

Thought Only Republicans were EVIL

treason is acceptable

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Where is the LEFT now?

Why hasn't there been an outcry from any media outlets, government leaders, pussy ass liberals or human rights activist about these teachers being beheaded in front of school childern by terrorist. Cindy Sheehan's "freedom fighters" once again get a pass from the world, had it been a US soldier putting panty's on some poor, misunderstood terrorist heads it would be headline news for the next month! It is time for the US to leave Iraq and nuke it all. These people are savages and we will never beat them fighting it the way we are now. Time to let our boys use their true military strength and win this battle!

This is what makes America great!

I am really glad the Minutemens exist. It's pretty sad that our leaders in Washington can't enforce one simple law in a post 9/11 world! Protect the borders! God forbid they lose a vote from the illegal population. Wait, why are the illegals voting? They aren't even citizens, dont pay taxes, but they get to vote? How fucked up is this? This is why we need to vote the current DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS out of office and put real Americans in office, not sell out bitches! Time to take the country back!

Good Friends

Yup, Russia sure is trying help the US with the Iranian situation, trying to make it more difficult. Russia is going to do everything to stop us from fucking Iran up. They know that they'll be next, eventually!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tolerance Camp Here We Come!

I said it would happen and it's going to happen - France will lose another battle again. This time with Islam. They couldn't beat the Nazi's and that was a battle against a real military force and now they have to battle Islam and i'm sure they'll lose this one too. What war has France ever won? Is the United Kingdom, Germany or Spain going to save them? NO! AMERICA is going to have to save them once again. Maybe when it's all over they'll send us a "hejab" to cover up lady liberty!

Let's Blame America

It's funny that homosexuals in Iraq say they fear for their safety due to the American liberation of Iraq. I don't remember any Islamic country accepting or allowing homosexuality to be tolerated. I thought homosexuality is one of the reasons "muslim Extremist" hate America! Why aren't the liberal's out demanding that Muslims be more tolerant of gay's? I guess their to busy trying to destroy America because we are the real enemy. Think about it, the liberal's, democrats and mainstream media would rather go after our troops for humiliating insurgent's by putting panty's on their heads, but not make a fucking peep about terrorist cutting off the heads of random people just trying to make a living or little christian school girls walking home from school! Whose side are you on?

The liberals are so fucking stupid that if they had the chance to run this country they would do away with our military and would open our borders to Al Qaeda and every other vagrant in the world who want's to live off our welfare. They think this would make the muslims like them, but they would probably change their minds once they see their friends being beheaded during the middle of a soccer game for a simple crime that went against the rule of Islam! These fuckers need a reality check. Is it really going to take another tragic attack on American soil for these idiots to learn what we are up against. I guess their to busy drinking starbucks and reading NY Times to have a care in the world. If it's bad for America it's good for liberals and dumbassocrats!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Silver Spoon in Mouth

Oh no, Cheney got 1.9 million back from the IRS! It's all corrupt, isn't it? No, wait, it's Bush's fault! No, actually it's not. When you make a lot of loot you end up paying a lot of loot due to taxes. It's funny how the liberal's make a big deal out this. Whey don't we see how much, fat ass, Michale Moore paid in taxes and got back.

Friday, April 14, 2006


When are Americans going to have a "Death to Iran" rally? Iran (every islamic country) seems to have death to America and Israel protest everyday. It's time for Americans to demand the destruction of Iran. They are a clear and present threat and need to be dealt with. Why not nuke them before they nuke us? If you want to achieve peace in the middle east we have to wipe them all of the map and start over. It's appearent that middle eastern people will never evlove into modern human beings. They started civilization and haven't really progressed since about 3500 years ago. They still live in mud huts (not all, but majority) and don't have electricity. If we just gave thsee people big screen tv's, playstations, ipods, and Jessica Simpson there would be no violence in the middle east!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Whats going on with the world? The UN once again is cowering over another important issue. I guess they thought it would be ok to let Iran get nukes. Hell, they want Iran to have nukes. They know it hurt's the US and to them thats ok. Majority of the world hates the US and would like to see us fail. It's all out of pure jealousy. You don't think Russia is pissed about losing the "cold war?" Look how many of their "occupied" territory's they lost due to our pressure on them and our troops in Europe and Aisa. I'm pretty sure Putin, ex KGB, is a little bitter about things. Do you really think China is our "friend?" I seriously doubt it. They are still COMMUNIST and they are part of the fucking UN and we deal with them economically! Who was the genious that invited these guys to the UN or to due business with us? Thanks to the left, who are communist deep down, we the US are having to endure with them tearing this country apart to make us into a bullshit socialistic society. Live off the goverment, welfare for everybody! Liberals want to save the world, but they are the ones destroying it! Fucking idiots!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Global Warming is Bullshit!

Global Warming is complete bullshit. It's a fear tactic used by the left, just like muslims use terror as a fear tactic. Nobody knows for sure what effects our environment. The earth is millions of years old and we have only been keeping records of our atmosphere for 100 years. I don't think we know the facts. Man is not powerful enough to control nature! If you actually payed attention in school you might have learned that our Earth works in cycles. There have been hotter periods and there have been colder periods. There have been worse hurricane seasons in the past and i'm sure theres going to be plenty more even if man nukes itself off the planet. I say screw the evironmentalist, let the government cut all of their funding!

Whats up with eco-terrorist? Let's go set some construction sites on fire and put more toxins into the air or lets go spray paint some Hummers to make a point and put more toxins into the air while doing it. These people are fucking idiots! Society needs to round these people up make them work for a waste management company. Save the Earth now asshole!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Turth Shall Overcome

it's about time, a muslim finally got it right for once.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


What don't people understand about the word illegal? It's ok to sneak into America and milk the system as an "illegal alien." If you are a legal American don't you dare think about breaking any laws, you will do some time. It's time to vote all of the current, corrupt politicans out of office an get some real citizens in there that actually care about our country. Instead of wasting our tax dollars on a fence, our money needs to be spent on landmines and drones to protect America. If the landmine doesn't get you, the drone will. SECURE THE BORDERS NOW and send the ILLEGALS home!