Tuesday, March 08, 2005

^^^ dont harm those insurgents^^^

why is everybody freaking out about the US torturing "enemy combantants," so we can find out information about al qaeda and other terrorist cells who are plotting to kill us? who cares! these "enemy combantants" would stop at nothing to cut your head off or blow up your child's school up or fly the airplane your on into a building. terrorist themselves are torture on civilized people. when was the last time you saw an American on tv or the internet cutting off an "enemy combantants" head? oh, thats right, never! everybody want's to make a big deal about putting panties on the prisoners heads at abu ghraib, but not so big a deal when civilans and contractors get their heads cut off. at least the prisoners, whom happen to be murders, rapist, theifs, wife beaters and child molesters, all still have their heads. what is wrong with the left, democrats and socialist? do you hate America so much that want to see if fail? do you think that bin laden wouldn't kill you if given the chance? is he going to be our friend if we leave the middle east - NO! do you think that iran will give him a nuke to attack us with - YES! time to open our eyes to whats going on around us, you think?

Monday, March 07, 2005

*** lets fight terror by funding it ***

italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena says the US tried to kill her on purpose. is this lady crazy, no, she's a communist, who is just trying to make America look like the bad guy. italy gave into ransom to free her. this is not the first time either, remember those other two female journalist that had be kidnapped earlier and then set free thanks to italy giving into terrorist demands. italy says they are helping to fight the "war on terror," doesn't look that way to me, looks like they are aiding the terrorist by funding them. italy has the blood of our soldiers on their hands along with the french, germans, russians and chinese! don't forget that italy was the enemy during WWII. time to wake up America and see who our real allies are!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

© © Vertically Challenged © ©

wardrobe malfunction, vertically challenged, giving tree, first nations people - what the fuck! what is wrong with people in our society and what is wrong with people like ward churchill? this guy flat out sucks. if he hates america so much, why not just pack his bags and move to a better place - like iran or germany?