Thursday, December 14, 2006


Monday, December 11, 2006

No Worries?

Don't you love hearing that newley appointed Democratic chairman of the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Rep. Silvestre Reyes of Texas, doesn't know shit about terrorism or the threats that our country faces.

Due to their lack of knowledge of or their willingness to aggressively persue muslim xtremeist, who will these pile-of-shits blame when America is hit again with a terrorist attack?

Get rid of the Patriot Act and quit listening to the enemies phone calls and lets see what happens!

You'll be able to thank the democrat party and the xtreme left for the destruction of America! Thanks a lot assholes!


This picture speaks for itself!

Flight Club : Being Naughty on a Plane

Annan Criticizes U.S. in Farewell Speech

On the day he leaves office Kofi Annan criticizes the US, for what? What has Kofi done to benefit mankind? What was the last place on Earth Kofi accomplished anything besides lining his own pockets with BLOOD MONEY! Can you explain the whole oil-for-food scandal Mr. Annan? What about Africa, what has Kofi done for his own people?

Now we get to look forward to another America hating asshole to run the UN. Great! I think it's time to go ahead and move the UN to Iran.

Come Fly With Us

Don't you love this picture! It's pretty much the truth. America has become so PC that this is what we have to resort to!

Monday, December 04, 2006


Oh, this great! One of my fave's! To bad most college professors today are those pussies from yesterday! Why do you think they're teaching college!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Death To Iran

A lot of liberals and democrats will have you believe that America is the bad guy in the world and Iran is the nice guy! Are they fucking crazy! I think this mental disorder, liberalism, is going to lead to the death of us all.

U.S. finds brand new Iran-made weapons in Iraq

"The U.S. military has seized new made-in-Iran weapons in Iraq that point to direct aid by Teheran to Shi'ite militias."

" Officials said U.S. forces have captured Iranian anti-tank weapons and munitions that bear manufacturing dates from 2006. They said the mint weapons were brought straight from Iranian production lines to Iraq."

Funny how the MSM has failed to mention this anywhere? Instead we have to hear about Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. You know this terrorism thing is all a republican scare tactic anyways.

Just like Iran has no links to terrorism, right! When are we, the US, going to just go ahead and bomb the Iranian's back to the stone ages! If war is what they want then war is what they should get. Time to show them how nuclear weapons really work or should we wait until that Iranian nuke is smuggled over the Mexican border and set off in DC, LA, Dallas, NY before we act!

You know if our military would have just killed Al Sadr early during the invasion, this whole insurgency problem would probably be a small problem. Instead we tried to be PC with this asshole and now he works to destroy us and we, our leaders, empowered him and have helped empower Iran. Thank you politicans! Kinda like a bad Jimmy Carter experience!

Using the Military to Kill and Destroy

I found this great posting over at IMAO on what our new policy for future wars should be:

For the next war, we should totally just blaze into a country, bombing everything followed by ground troops to kill off the country's government. Then we just leave.

As soon as people start complaining that we left the country in turmoil and all the innocent people are suffering, we say, "Hey, last time we invaded a country and stayed to help, you whined about it. Thus, we will no longer stay and help countries after we devastate them. These people are suffering because you whined. It's your fault."

I, for one, know the military - and especially my brother - would like this policy a lot better. Actually, if the people shouting "Chickenhawk!" all the time got their way and only people in the military made decisions on wars, that's exactly what would happen. My brother, like many Marines, joined the military to kill evil foreigners, not to build schools. Do you have any idea how few casualties we'd take if our sole goal was to go into a country, kill all the readily available targets, and leave? Do you also know how much cheaper that would be? Plus, if we actually just left Iraq right after we had that infamous "Mission Accomplished" banner, the whole Middle East would be talking about that huge Iraq military win because we totally kicked the crap out of Iraq. The only reason the conflict doesn't look like a clear-cut victory is because we stayed after the crap-kicking to try and make friends.

America is big; we don’t need friends.

I now think liberals have had this issue right all along: We need to just go into countries, destroy them, and then leave them to rot. If you don't want your country destroyed, make sure it's only pestering France and not us.

So, maybe I'm changing my position: I'm for cutting and running. Then, we got into Iran gun blazing, and, a couple days later, cut and run again. Then North Korea. If a new evil government comes up in place of the ones we destroy, we just do it again. It's really not that hard for us to go into a country, destroy as much as we can, and leave considering our technological and training advantages. Plus, it's a lot more fun. I'd totally join the reserves if that was our policy.

"For your one weekend this month, instead of training, we're going to destroy Syria. You might want to call work and tell them you may be in late on Monday."

"Can we bring beer and bacon for this invasion?"

"Sure. The military has returned to its old policy of having complete and utter disdain for all other cultures."


That would be sweet. A lot of us really want to kill terrorists but wouldn't want to use more than a week's vacation for it. With shorter invasions, that makes terrorists killing more accessible to the general populace.

So, can we get a politician to push this or do I actually have to run for office?

If this guy, Frank J Fleming, ran for office I would vote for him.