Thursday, October 26, 2006

Don't Let It Happen

We can't let this liberal, Nancy Pelosi, become Speaker of the House in November! So, no matter how much all the politicans suck still go out and VOTE against this Bitch! If you love this country you'll help protect it from people like her. You can get your Pelosi 'BITCH' shirt from Politees right now, while they're hot!

Where's the MSM?

A muslim cleric in Australia compares women to 'uncovered meat,' but who cares right, he's muslim and in Australia! God forbid you ever say anything negative about islam, it's the peaceful religion remember! If Bush had made this comment the lib's would be demanding his head, this just shows what kind of people they really are: PUNK ASS BITCHES! I mean, come on, we deserved 9/11 right, oh wait, it was Bush who caused 9/11! Which is it you fucking hypocrites? When you libs decide to remove the shit from your eyes and ears you might accept the truth, and that is that islamo-Xtreme-fascist want you dead!

Remeber there's been 6,248 deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11!

Also remeber to get your JIHAD THIS shirt today and start offending those PC assholes everywhere you go!

Jihad This...

This pussy ass terrorist, freedom fighter to liberals, gets his ass smoked by our great military. Do I think we are losing this war? NO fucking way! Look how many of these shit bags we've sent to meet their makers! We've lost close to 3,000 soldiers in a matter of 3.5 years and the libs are freaking out. Look how many of our men died at Normandy during D Day, 10,000! What about Vietnam or the Korean war?

It's the liberals, politicans, and fucking pussy ass media that give us the impression we are losing this war. You fucking liberals need to ask yourself who do you want to win this thing: the terrorist or Americans? If the media would report the TRUTH from Iraq i'm sure we would see a better picture, but no, we have to see one incident thats isolated in one neighborhood and they, MSM, acts like the whole fucking country is on fire!

If the lib's would just shut the fuck up and get out of the way and let our military do their job we could get this damn mess over with!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Flush the Koran

I know I haven't posted in a while, sorry, but life has been keeping me busy! It looks like those damn Americans are flushing koran's down the toilet again! Oh, NO, call a plumber, no call the ACLU! Actually we'll just call CAIR! Can you believe they are trying to make this a hate crime in NY! “
I would say that the university has kind of done a 180 and is definitely working with us in terms of labeling it as a hate crime and then, the sensitivity forums that I spoke about earlier, they’re actually helping us facilitate those,” said Faiza Ali of the Muslim Students Association.
What a fucking joke! FUCK CAIR! Who cares if a koran ends up in a toilet! I know I don't and I don't think to many Americans give a fuck either! It's only a big deal to those who have already bowed down to islamo-fascism: the MSM, liberals, democrats, and europeans! Fuck all of you!

When are muslims going to learn how to tolerate and accept western culture? It's ok to piss on everybody else, but not allah! That's not hypocritical, right! When was the last time you heard about a Buddhisht killing a muslim or a Christian for not believing in his faith? You hear about a muslim killing somebody everyday for not believing in his faith! This is bullshit and all you liberals know it! The only reason you side with terrorist is because your a fucking idiot that hates America, Bush, Capitalism, Freedom, and Politees!

Its not like there haven't been 6,182 deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11!

Oh, yeah, N. Korea says it's sorry for testing nukes! I highly doubt it! China is probably telling them to chill out because they're interfering with their plans to take over Asia and the world! If America arms Japan and Taiwan with nukes it will make it a little harder for China to conquer the world!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Extended Bosnia Mission Endangers U.S. Troops

Here's an interesting read from 1997 Clinton-Approved Iranian Arms Transfers Help Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base.

If you didn't know Uncle Mac has a seven-part series on the plight of the Serbs that was initiated under the Clinton administration, here are four:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

H/T Shoot A Liberal

Monday, October 09, 2006


What do you know, the UN FAILED again! N. Korea tested a nuke and nothing happens! Are they going to send Mr. Ill a letter telling them how angry they are. The UN could have done something about this situation long time ago, but NO, Russia and China would never turn their backs on a fellow enemy of America! In all reality, the responsibilty should rest on Bill Clinton's shoulder considering he and his admin are the ones that insisted on giving him nuke reactors and technology! Way to go Slick Willy! Man Clinton really fucked everything up! Terrorist, Tyrants, and Communist are all more emboldend now thanks to Clinton's inability to take action against anyone!

Bill Clinton's legacy:
1. Somolia - Cut and Run
2. Bosnia - Murdered Civilians
3. Iraq - Launched some missiles
4. N. Korea - Gave nuke technology
5. China - Gave military/nuke technology, sold us out
6. Bin Laden - Let him get away
7. Terroism - Did Nothing
8. Economy - Got lucky with interent boom
9. Oval Office - Disgraced!

Great president wasn't he! Imagine Clinton running the UN, what a nightmare! Now imagine Bill as UN Secretary General and Hillary as President, we would all be FUCKED! Say goodbye to all your civil liberties! The Patriot Act wouldn't compare to what these assholes would try to do to us!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Democrats are Dumbassocrats

Can you believe the democrats are stupid enough to put a photoshopped CANADIAN soldier on their "veterans and miltary family" page? Do they even know what our soldiers look like? I guess they look like canadians, it must be the green that gets them confused!

In reality the enemy wears a rag on their head, carries an AK-47, and hides amongst the civilian population, but to the dem's the enemy is the man and woman in that digital desert camo they like to call "terrorist" and "cold blooded murderers!" The deomcratic party is a disgrace to the American people, they don't represent freedom, and all of them on a local and national level need to be voted out of office!


Allah You Gonna Die...

Looks like the commie's or hero's of the left have struck again and have killed an outspoken Putin critic, Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya. She accused Putin of oppressing freedoms and neglecting to clear his past as a KGB agent, whom are still bitter about losing this whole cold war thing. Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev called the killing a "savage crime." He also had this to say "It is a blow to the entire democratic, independent press," and "it is a grave crime against the country, against all of us."

Where is the liberal outrage? That's right we'll here none since your all communist deep down on the inside! If the liberals had the chance they would silence any oppositon to them: Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Hugh Hewitt, Mike Gallagher and so on...

Hey, whatever happened to the left wing raido Air America? Oh, thats right, they're just on their way out of business! Screw the left in this country! If the liberals keep aborting their future kin, they shouldn't be a problem in the future. Just imagine a world without liberals, how nice would that be! Gas would be cheap and American manufacturing just might return home once we get rid of all these bullshit regulations imposed on them and put an end to frivolous lawsuits!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Peaceful, Aint it!

"Fight those who do not believe in Allah, ... nor follow
the religion of truth... until they pay the tax in acknowledgment
of superiority and they are in a state of subjection."
Qur'an, Sura 9:29

Here are some interesting FACTS about Islam:

1. More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined.

2. Islamic terrorists murder more people every day than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 50 years.

3. More civilians were killed by Muslim extremists in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland.

4. 19 Muslim hijackers killed more innocents in two hours on September 11th than the number of American criminals put to death in the last 65 years.

Educate yourself about islam here at The Religion of Peace. You liberal appeasers might learn a thing or two and maybe open your eyes to reality: muslims want to kill you as much as they want to kill me! Death to the dirty KUFFAR!

When Moonbats Attack

Isn't it funny how the left preaches peace and tolerance, but go out get violent when someone is preaching about something they disagree with! What a bunch of fucking hypocrites! When are good American's going to start beating these little left wing assholes down? It's going to come to a point when we're gonna have to start putting people in their place when they step out of line like these idiots at Columbia University!

I'm so sick and tired of all these liberals and all their bullshit! "There are no illegals," "Terrorism isn't real," when are these morons going to ever pull their heads out of their asses and come back to reality? I got bad news for you, peace, it aint ever gonna happen so get the fuck over it! There has always been war and theres always going to be war! It's part of human nature and like Darwin says "survival of the fittest!"

Looks like the poor French are finally, maybe, coming to reality: muslims are waging civil war against us, claims police union. Next thing we'll hear is that the muslims are taking over the French military! Thanks France for fucking things up again, who is going to save your ass this time? Being PC doesn't look like it's working out so good for the european's anymore! Having second thoughts about this whole immigration thing now?

H/T The Jawa Report, Michelle Malkin

Monday, October 02, 2006

A Powerful Essay

Found a great essay over at Jarhead's Firing Range, well worth a read!
Here is a preview:

Subject: Muslims, terrorists and the USA....A different spin on Iraq war.

This WAR is for REAL!

Dr. Vernon Chong, Major General, USAF, Retired

Tuesday, July 12, 2005
To get out of a difficulty, one usually must go through it. Our country is now facing the most serious threat to its existence, as we know it, that we have faced in your lifetime and mine (which includes WWII).

The deadly seriousness is greatly compounded by the fact that there are very few of us who think we can possibly lose this war and even fewer who realize what losing really means.

First, let's examine a few basics:

1. When did the threat to us start?
Many will say September 11, 2001. The answer as far as the United State is concerned is 1979, 22 years prior to September 2001, with the following attacks on us:

* Iran Embassy Hostages, 1979;
* Beirut, Lebanon Embassy 1983;
* Beirut, Lebanon Marine Barracks 1983;
* Lockerbie, Scotland Pan-Am flight to New York 1988;
* First New York World Trade Center attack 1993;
* Dhahran, Saudi Arabia Khobar Towers Military complex 1996;
* Nairobi, Kenya US Embassy 1998;
* Dares Salaam, Tanzania US Embassy 1998;
* Aden, Yemen USS Cole 2000;
* New York World Trade Center 2001;
* Pentagon 2001.

(Note that during the period from 1981 to 2001 there were 7,581 terrorist attacks worldwide).

2. Why were we attacked?

Envy of our position, our success, and our freedoms. The attacks happened during the administrations of Presidents Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton and Bush 2. We cannot fault either the Republicans or Democrats as there were no provocations by any of the presidents or their immediate predecessors, Presidents Ford or Carter.

3. Who were the attackers?
In each case, the attacks on the US were carried out by Muslims.

4. What is the Muslim population of the World? 25%.

5. Isn't the Muslim Religion peaceful?
Hopefully, but that is really not material. There is no doubt that the
predominately Christian population of Germany was peaceful, but under the dictatorial leadership of Hitler (who was also Christian), that made no difference. You either went along with the administration or you were eliminated. There were 5 to 6 million Christians killed by the Nazis for political reasons (including 7,000 Polish priests).

Thus, almost the same number of Christians were killed by the Nazis, as the six million holocaust Jews who were killed by them, and we seldom heard of anything other than the Jewish atrocities. Although Hitler kept the world focused on the Jews, he had no hesitancy about killing anyone who got in his way of exterminating the Jews or of taking over the world - German, Christian or any others.

Same with the Muslim terrorists. They focus the world on the US, but kill all in the way -- their own people or the Spanish, French or anyone else. The point here is that just like the peaceful Germans were of no protection to anyone from the Nazis, no matter how many peaceful Muslims there may be, they are no protection for us from the terrorist Muslim leaders and what they are fanatically bent on doing -- by their own pronouncements -- killing all of us "infidels." I don't blame the peaceful Muslims. What would you do if the choice was shut up or die?

read the rest here

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Islam.... it's so, so nice

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Qu’ran….should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." --Omar Ahmad, former chairman of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)