Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I know its a little early, but I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving right now. I'll be on the road over the holiday, so there will be no time for blogging!

Thanks World...

It's amazing how the UN wants to criticize us, AMERICA, for trying to fix the world's problems and then they offer NO HELP in solving these problems. If the UN is so fucking concerned about the world why don't they do something to fix these problems.

I don't see the UN fighting TERROISM, I see them aiding terrorism! If Iraq is such a big deal why not lend a fucking hand. If the UN is all about world peace wouldn't this the most logical thing to do, lend a hand! I guess its easier to criticize than to actually do some hard work that will benefit mankind (sounds like pussy ass liberalism to me)! Look at your europe, liberalism and social has sure helped them! Good luck guys!

Why can't the UN seem to get AFRICA out of poverty and starvation, I mean it's only been 30+ years of working on that. Ever wonder how much your hard earned tax dollars have gone to fund these African war lords? Thanks Bono! The Sudan sure is a great vacation destitnation! Even Bradgolina had to have tight ass security due to islamo-fascist threats on their dirty infidel life!

IAEA sure seems to like letting countries develop nuclear weapons: N. Korea and now Iran! What has the UN done about global warming? Seems like all those countries that love to criticize us about the Kyoto deal haven't really lived up to their obligations... FUCKING HYPOCRITES!

The UN has some of the worlds biggest human rights violators on its security council, does this not bother the leftest assholes of the world? It's time to shut the UN down! These fuckers are openly working against us and it's all becuase we can't defend ourselfs in this FASCIST PC WORLD we live in!

Friday, November 17, 2006


If you missed the Glenn Bleck special, Exposed, don't worry you can watch it here. Enjoy and Pete, don't get to upset because you might learn something!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Future Terrorist



ATTENTION ALL LIBERALS Glenn Beck has a show tonite on CNN (of all places) about the REAL THREAT of islamo-extremist to this country and the rest of western civiliztion. It's called EXPOSED: THE EXTREMIST AGENDA, should be good, but with CNN it might turn out to be a PRO piece for the extremeist! Anyways it starts @ 7 p.m. tonite! Educate yourself!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Here's a funny shirt I found on some whiney ass liberal blog!

The New America

Here is what the new American flag will look with this bullshit liberal democrat takeover of the house and senate! Can you say: WE'RE ALL FUCKED NOW! Funny how the liberals act like they are the majority now, what a bunch of fucking idiots! Did they even look at the number of people who voted? These numbers don't even compare to the presidental election voter turnout. The Republican loss is due to Republican voters not voting for the Republicans. It's called SECURE THE FUCKING BORDER NOW OR GET NO FUCKING VOTE! Now these democrat assholes are going to bring this country down with their cowardness. Already calling for cutting and running from Iraq. To bad they just can't figure out that we need to just wipe our enemy out and that will be a VICTORY for the USA! What don't they fucking get? THERE IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE WAR - GET IT THROUGH YOU THICK FUCKING SKULLS YOU STUPID FUCKING LIBERALS!

Funny how Iran already sees this as a sign of weakness and is exploiting it to the fullest along with their buddies the Chinese! Great to know that the world is going to try to kill us now that they know we have a bunch of PUSSIES running the country! Can you say a REVOLUTION will be needed here in the near future!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

US 'suburbs more violent than Iraq'

Could it be that US suburbs are more violent than Iraq? Would all these so called PC-leftist-eliteist, like John Kerry or Hillary Clinton, ever let families from the ghetto's move in with them or hell invite them over just for a BBQ? The answer is NO! Police don't even go into some areas of towns because its to violent! When was the last time our good liberal buddy Progressive Pete was caught hanging out with his homies over in one of the barrrio's of East Los Angeles? Pete, when was the last time you did somehting good for you fellow, dis-advantaged, American citizen? Do you practice what you preach or is it do as I say, not as I do?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Islamic Dream

This picture is so true and if the democrats win in this and future elections you and I will be living the islamic dream... Wait that must be Karl Rove speaking for me, this is some kind of Bush scare tactic! Terrorism isn't real, it's all made up! What was I thinking? Not like there haven't been 6,436 deadly terrorist attacks around the world since 9/11!

Anyways, good news about Saddam and his future hanging. Did you already hear the europeans complaining about this, what a bunch of pussies. Will the europeans ever get it? Probably not, look at their current situation! I guess being all PC and tolerant didn't work out to well for them! Fuck 'em!

I hope they (the media) show Saddams death on TV! You know, i'm a blood thursty-neocon-gun toting-right wing-fascist-Republican that likes to see his enemy fall. Saddams death will be and should be a message to all terror supporting assholes: Iran, N. Korea, Syria, Cuba, UN, etc...! But, we know with our pussy ass media they won't show shit, I mean it might help the Republicans in some sort of wierd way. Instead they would rather show footage of American soldiers being slain by one of their so called 'freedom fighters' or known to most sane Americans as islamo-fascist! Saddam's capture and soon to be death will be a proven success for G.W. Bush and America despite what all the lib's and democrats will say. You know nothing the US ever does is just unless a democrat, that's been approved by the left, is responsable for doing it. Funny how they say they love America when all they do is attack it and try to bring it down! What a bunch of faggots!

Thank GOD for the internet or should I thank Al Gore, because Saddams hanging will be on You Tube in no time after it happens! Rumors say it may be January!