Monday, September 03, 2007

Dem's Pose Max Threat to U.S. Security

Here's a pole I came across at World Tribune showing who American's view as the biggest threat to U.S. National Security! Notice how much higher the Dem's scored! When will the Dem's learn to take their socialist dream elsewhere!

"Rank the 2008 presidential candidates in terms of the threat each would pose to U.S. national security."

[Avg.: 1=Minimum, 5=Maximum Threat]

* Hillary Clinton 4.29
* Barack Obama 4.49
* John Edwards 4.66
* Fred Thompson 1.63
* Rudy Giuliani 1.77
* Mitt Romney 1.91


"Who should have the primary role in deciding U.S. foreign policy?"

* The State Dept.: 6.9%
* Public Opinion: 5.6%
* The President: 87.5%

Mohammedanism and Metrosexuallity

"Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith"

These are the words of Winston Churchill from his 1899 book, The River War! 108 years ago Churchill was warning the world of the horrors and dangers of radical islam, and to think radical islam came into existence some 1300 years before Churchill's book was published!

Hasn't mankind had a enough of this bull$shit? Must the earth endure another 1000 years of radical islamic drama?

H/T Weasel Zip

Nice Turtle Neck

Man, this guys turtle neck is blocking oxygen from getting to his brain! Probably believes the attack on Pearl Harbor was an inside job to get US into WWII!

H/T Jawa Report