Monday, July 10, 2006

The UN needs to GO!

Is the UN really any good? I mean, seriously, what has the UN ever accomplished besides more corrupt governments and politicians. Yeah, lets let them create the New World Order! Kofi how's Africa doing? How are communist countries part of the UN or how are islamic countries on the human rights board? Isn't it supposed to be for the good of mankind? If Russia and China are supporting mankind why are they refusing to do anything about their buddy Kim Jong Ill? Could it be that they don't give a fuck about the world. Why isn't Russia doing more to fight terrorist? Islamic thugs murdered their children in cold blood and nothing has come of it. Didn't some Russian diplomats just get their heads cut off in Iraq buy some more islamic thugs. What about China, why don't they do more to help the world? Why does America have to tend to the world's wounds? Why can't China give aid to the world, could it be that they don't give a fuck and are in it for themselfs? Why is China's google censored? What are they afraid of? I know America is not the best thing, but it's the best thing this world has to offer!


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