Sunday, July 09, 2006

Death to the dirty kuffar!

I thought muslims loved the Clinton's and this whole terrorism thing began on 9/11/01? Didn't Bush create this whole problem with Islam? This is what the dumbassocrats and liberals claim. "It's all Bush's fault" this is all we ever hear. Well, I just wanted to say fuck Bill Clinton and all his little brain-washed followers out there. Nothing but a bunch of commie, socialist, leftest bastards. Who sold the US out to the Chinese? Who gave North Korea that nuke technology? BILL CLINTON! Why all this business with communist countries? Now we have the threat of his bitch wife running for president. You know what she want's, Communism for everybody! If she does win, besides being fucked as a nation, just remember the muslims will hate her too!


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