Friday, August 24, 2007


About time! America needs to hear more of this from average Americans. No more socialist agenda for America. Stop the progessive communsit movement now!


Hillary has admitted that the democrats are weak on terror and that a terror attack before the elections would gurantee victory for the GOP in '08!

In her speach, Hillary said that she thinks she's "the best of the Democrats to deal with that," that being terrorim! She "thinks," she doesn't KNOW she's the best! This is no sign of leadership!

She and the rest of the democrats will be the ones to weaken America! Who gave the Chinese missle technology for their nukes..? Clinton! Does this make America a safer place? Who supplies the terrorist with weapons to kill US soldiers..? Communist China, backed by the Clintons!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Hunting!

Yeah, America is losing the war..? Doubtful! I love footage of these insurgent, terrorist assholes getting popped off the face of this great planet!


Must suck to be this pathetic soul! Let me die for Allah and i'll get 72 virgins in paradise! Not this time asshole!

Good riddance!

H/T W Zip

Here's some more footage of "freedom fighters" acheiveing victory - for AMERICA!

H/T Jawa Report

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Yeah, the Boodge is back! Who cares, right! Anyways seems like the whole world has gotten more vile over the past month! It looks like good 'ol Fidel Jr. is becoming a dictator! Yes its true, Hollywood's hero, Hugo Chavez is proposing (demanding) to change the Constitution of Venezuela, which would allow him to be re-elected indefinitely! DICTATOR anybody!

How is this guy seen, by liberals and communist, as a true leader for freedom! Lib's call Bush a dictator, are you kidding me! Do you retards know what a dictator is? When has Bush tried to NATIONALIZE anything here in America? Last time I listened to any politicans, it's the democrats who want to NATIONALIZE everything from health care to your finances! Just listen to Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, or Boxer they're all Communist!

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