Wednesday, January 24, 2007

They’re going to get us all killed

A great piece by Jeff Jacoby on the appalling silence of the Democrats in the war against militant Islam: Democrats’ silence on jihad is deadly

For McCain, a Republican presidential hopeful, the struggle against the Islamists is the paramount issue of the day. His campaign website, while spare, highlights a recent speech in which McCain called stopping radical Islam “our most important moral obligation.” He described the jihadists as “moral monsters but . . . also a disciplined, dedicated movement driven by an apocalyptic religious zeal, which celebrates martyrdom and murder.”

Sounding nearly as resolute is former governor Mitt Romney, whose campaign website puts “Defeating the Jihadists” first in its list of key campaign issues. “The jihadists are waging a global war against the United States and its allies,” Romney is quoted as saying, “with the ambition of replacing legitimate governments with a caliphate — a theocracy.” Speaking in Israel yesterday, Romney asserted that “a central purpose of NATO should be to defeat radical Islam,” through means both military and ideological.

The Democratic candidates, by contrast, are virtually silent on the subject.

Barack Obama launched his exploratory committee with an online video that mentioned the economy, healthcare, vanishing pensions, college costs, and the fractiousness of partisan politics. His only nod to national security was a passing reference to the war in Iraq, which he opposes. But 9/11 and its aftermath? The worldwide jihad? The global conflict between democratic freedom and Taliban-style repression? Not a word.

Hillary Clinton’s highly praised kickoff video likewise included nothing about the overriding threat of our time. Her website does contain a speech she gave at the Council on Foreign Relations last October, but it is filled with vague rhetoric about diplomacy and international conferences and how we must address the “troubled conditions terrorists seek out.” New Yorkers don’t need to be told “that we are in a war against terrorists who seek to do us harm,” Clinton says. But if she recognizes that the future of the civilized world depends on winning that war, she shows little sign of it.

What is true of Obama and Clinton is more or less true of Edwards, Richardson, and the others. The Democrats seem prepared to emulate John Kerry, who insisted in 2004 that “we have to get back to the place we were” before 9/11. Back, that is, to treating Islamist terrorism not as “the focus of our lives,” but merely as “a nuisance” that we need “to reduce” — like gambling, he said, or prostitution.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Iran: Israel, US will soon die

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Free Border Agents Ramos and Compean

Analyst says US plans envision broad attack on Iran

Let the party begin! It's been a long time coming and is time to put an end to this islamic Xtremist movement and help those in Iran who want to have freedom and be friends with the 'evil satan' America!

Gitmo Houses Innocents..?

A terrorist asshole, who was captured fighting American troops in Afghanistan, was sent to Club Gitmo about 4 years ago and released a while back has been recaptured fighting US forces in Afghanistan! What, didn't the left wing media and lefty politicans tell us these dickwads at Gitmo are innocent and we're holding them because Bush is a rascist like Hitler and we need to let them go home? I sure seem to recall so!

I guess this terrorist wasn't so nice and innocent after all, thanks B. Boxer, T. Kennedy, H. Clinton, etc... for letting people like this back out into the world, they seem to do the same things with pedophiles! At least our boys have his sorry ass back in custody. It's sad how these leftest think we should trust them on this whole terrorism issue and appease the enemy. Wait, they tried this already and we got 9/11! A special thanks to Bill Clinton (D) for letting terrorism get so bad and ta very special hanks to Jimmy Carter (D) for letting the whole terrorism bull shit start up in the first place.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dispatches - Undercover Mosque

UK Channel 4 has come out with some documentaries about radical islamist preaching hate in British mosuque called: Dispatches - Undercover Mosque. WATCH them and HEAR what these "tolerant" assholes have to say. HEAR how they view women and what they want to do to gays and little girls!

It's a 6 part series, so you can go to You Tube to watch the rest! Enjoy

At least these Brit's get it, I was starting to wonder about their fate, but they may just wake up before its to late.


Friday, January 12, 2007

Pelosi's 'hypocrisy'

Nancy Pelosi already being a true liberal: A FUCKING HYPOCRITE! She want's to raise minimum wage up to $7.25 an hour, but is giving her pals, that have business' in the bay area, an exemption from minimum wage raise! What the fuck is this? Are they to good to pay more in taxes! Fuck her and all her liberal buddies. A day will come when we'll get rid of all these communist assholes and take this country back!

Back to this minimum wage deal, who does it benefit? NOBODY, exactly! All this will do is cause the price of everything else to go up, so really you'll be making less! The more money you make means the more taxes you'll pay on it!


I'm sure all of you have noticed, but i'm starting to really be a slacker when it come to blogging or maybe its just to depressing knowing the dumbassocrats have a 2 person majority over the republicans and now news sucks. Funny how we never hear how bad the economy is anymore, I wonder why, hmmmm? Hey what happened to those gas prices? Dem's and lib's are like little baby's - they whine until they get their way and then they still whine when they do! The Republicans are in the minority now, do they have rights too? When the dem's where in the minority all they did was bitch about their minority rights! Thats all they ever do is whine and bitch about AMERICA, look at them, they go and meet with our enemies behind our back: Ted Kennedy met with the Commies to block Regan in the 80's and Dodd met with Assad in Syria to appease him - what kind of shit is this? I call it TREASON! They are trying to bring this country down everyday with all their bull shit! Look at all the LAWS and TAXES these fuckers have imposed on us! Yeah they love this country, is this what the founding fathers would want: TAXES and LAWS! What the fuck was the BOSTON TEA PARTY for? I will tell you one thing, it sure wasn't for raising my taxes, outsourcing our needds, not securing our borders, appeasing the enemy, being PC, or for lawyers to sue us all for every little thing!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What Clinton Forgot To Do

I almost forgot, but we need to take a lesson on fighting islamo terrorist from the Ethipoians, who can kick ass! Maybe they get to kick ass because they dont have some liberal commie asshole reporter embeded with each of their units trying to bust them on every little mistake! "See I told you our troops are murderers, look at them defend themselves!" No outcry from them when the terrorist decide to fight our troops while hiding behind women and children (Hamas)! The fucked up left in this country would much rather see our troops die rather than see the enemy killed - take CNN for example! Our troops should just kick out the embeds or target them (they are the enemy within), so they can finish the job in Iraq and they'll be able to come home sooner!

Fuck the PC world and those who support it! I'm tired of all this bull shit nonsense we deal with from all these pussy ass leftest bitches! Enough of everybody has to have equal this and equal that or cant offend this guy, but hey he can offend you all day long! It's all BULL SHIT and everybody knows it and know its time to reverse all this BULL SHIT before it leads to our countries destruction!


Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Been a while since all of you have heard from me, sorry for that! Hope everybody, including all of you holiday hating liberals, had a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

My year has started off great: SADDAM IS DEAD! Can you say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! One less tyrant asshole on the face of the earth! Payback is a mother fucker! They should of thrown him off a building first, gassed him up a little bit, and then hung him! If he wanted to be a "martyr" he should of blown himself up in his little spider hole instead of going out like a bitch! Osama Bin Laden will do the same when he is captured. Maybe we'll see other fuckers like Saddam hang in 2007! Maybe Hugo Chavez and Ahamanutjob from Iran will be swinging from the ropes.

Hey this guy just killed 3 people and is on death row, lets keep him here for 50 years until his execution date...? What? Dont you wish our justice system would carry out death penalties as quick as the Iraqi's! Talk about saving the TAX PAYER some money!