Thursday, October 19, 2006

Flush the Koran

I know I haven't posted in a while, sorry, but life has been keeping me busy! It looks like those damn Americans are flushing koran's down the toilet again! Oh, NO, call a plumber, no call the ACLU! Actually we'll just call CAIR! Can you believe they are trying to make this a hate crime in NY! “
I would say that the university has kind of done a 180 and is definitely working with us in terms of labeling it as a hate crime and then, the sensitivity forums that I spoke about earlier, they’re actually helping us facilitate those,” said Faiza Ali of the Muslim Students Association.
What a fucking joke! FUCK CAIR! Who cares if a koran ends up in a toilet! I know I don't and I don't think to many Americans give a fuck either! It's only a big deal to those who have already bowed down to islamo-fascism: the MSM, liberals, democrats, and europeans! Fuck all of you!

When are muslims going to learn how to tolerate and accept western culture? It's ok to piss on everybody else, but not allah! That's not hypocritical, right! When was the last time you heard about a Buddhisht killing a muslim or a Christian for not believing in his faith? You hear about a muslim killing somebody everyday for not believing in his faith! This is bullshit and all you liberals know it! The only reason you side with terrorist is because your a fucking idiot that hates America, Bush, Capitalism, Freedom, and Politees!

Its not like there haven't been 6,182 deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11!

Oh, yeah, N. Korea says it's sorry for testing nukes! I highly doubt it! China is probably telling them to chill out because they're interfering with their plans to take over Asia and the world! If America arms Japan and Taiwan with nukes it will make it a little harder for China to conquer the world!


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