Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jihad This...

This pussy ass terrorist, freedom fighter to liberals, gets his ass smoked by our great military. Do I think we are losing this war? NO fucking way! Look how many of these shit bags we've sent to meet their makers! We've lost close to 3,000 soldiers in a matter of 3.5 years and the libs are freaking out. Look how many of our men died at Normandy during D Day, 10,000! What about Vietnam or the Korean war?

It's the liberals, politicans, and fucking pussy ass media that give us the impression we are losing this war. You fucking liberals need to ask yourself who do you want to win this thing: the terrorist or Americans? If the media would report the TRUTH from Iraq i'm sure we would see a better picture, but no, we have to see one incident thats isolated in one neighborhood and they, MSM, acts like the whole fucking country is on fire!

If the lib's would just shut the fuck up and get out of the way and let our military do their job we could get this damn mess over with!


Blogger Progressive Pete said...

Dismissing AMERICAN soldiers lives must be your hobby. Who the hell cares if 3,000 have died... is that what you're saying? Take the "Support the Troops" bumpersticker off of your car, you're un-american!

freaking facist

12:32 AM  

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