Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where's the MSM?

A muslim cleric in Australia compares women to 'uncovered meat,' but who cares right, he's muslim and in Australia! God forbid you ever say anything negative about islam, it's the peaceful religion remember! If Bush had made this comment the lib's would be demanding his head, this just shows what kind of people they really are: PUNK ASS BITCHES! I mean, come on, we deserved 9/11 right, oh wait, it was Bush who caused 9/11! Which is it you fucking hypocrites? When you libs decide to remove the shit from your eyes and ears you might accept the truth, and that is that islamo-Xtreme-fascist want you dead!

Remeber there's been 6,248 deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11!

Also remeber to get your JIHAD THIS shirt today and start offending those PC assholes everywhere you go!


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