Monday, October 09, 2006


What do you know, the UN FAILED again! N. Korea tested a nuke and nothing happens! Are they going to send Mr. Ill a letter telling them how angry they are. The UN could have done something about this situation long time ago, but NO, Russia and China would never turn their backs on a fellow enemy of America! In all reality, the responsibilty should rest on Bill Clinton's shoulder considering he and his admin are the ones that insisted on giving him nuke reactors and technology! Way to go Slick Willy! Man Clinton really fucked everything up! Terrorist, Tyrants, and Communist are all more emboldend now thanks to Clinton's inability to take action against anyone!

Bill Clinton's legacy:
1. Somolia - Cut and Run
2. Bosnia - Murdered Civilians
3. Iraq - Launched some missiles
4. N. Korea - Gave nuke technology
5. China - Gave military/nuke technology, sold us out
6. Bin Laden - Let him get away
7. Terroism - Did Nothing
8. Economy - Got lucky with interent boom
9. Oval Office - Disgraced!

Great president wasn't he! Imagine Clinton running the UN, what a nightmare! Now imagine Bill as UN Secretary General and Hillary as President, we would all be FUCKED! Say goodbye to all your civil liberties! The Patriot Act wouldn't compare to what these assholes would try to do to us!


Blogger Jersey McJones said...

What a joke.

1 - GHW Bush Mess.
2 - You're a liar. Bosnia has been a huge success, liar. I guess you like genocide and ethnic cleansing, huh, liar? Bob Dole himself pushed for that invasion years earlier, liar.
3 - Better that than what we have now.
4 - Just how to do it safely. NK was well on it's was all on it's own.
5 - Right, Clinton himself personally spied for the Chinese, right? (psst - you're a liar)
6 - Just like Bush - but before 9/11!
7 - Created less terrorists than Bush has!
8 - Bullshit. He had the political impetus (split government, remember THAT, idiot cons?) to do a good job.
9 - Blah blah blah


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Boodge !

now that's a post...

and a great blog...


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Blogger Douglas V. Gibbs said...

you forgot the Clinton legacy of drop shorts and get slurped.

8:07 PM  

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