Sunday, November 12, 2006

The New America

Here is what the new American flag will look with this bullshit liberal democrat takeover of the house and senate! Can you say: WE'RE ALL FUCKED NOW! Funny how the liberals act like they are the majority now, what a bunch of fucking idiots! Did they even look at the number of people who voted? These numbers don't even compare to the presidental election voter turnout. The Republican loss is due to Republican voters not voting for the Republicans. It's called SECURE THE FUCKING BORDER NOW OR GET NO FUCKING VOTE! Now these democrat assholes are going to bring this country down with their cowardness. Already calling for cutting and running from Iraq. To bad they just can't figure out that we need to just wipe our enemy out and that will be a VICTORY for the USA! What don't they fucking get? THERE IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE WAR - GET IT THROUGH YOU THICK FUCKING SKULLS YOU STUPID FUCKING LIBERALS!

Funny how Iran already sees this as a sign of weakness and is exploiting it to the fullest along with their buddies the Chinese! Great to know that the world is going to try to kill us now that they know we have a bunch of PUSSIES running the country! Can you say a REVOLUTION will be needed here in the near future!


Blogger Progressive Pete said...

Lets see if i read this correctly... you think republicans didn't vote in the mid-term elections because we don't have the border secured...?

There seems to be a disconnect with you and, gee i don't know, America..

The majority of the states want reform. Reform in Iraq, reform so that there are livable wages and reformed health care.
Oh, and there was this thing called the Foley scandal, which could have peeved the Christian right and perhaps persuaded them to not cast their vote... werd.

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