Monday, November 06, 2006

Islamic Dream

This picture is so true and if the democrats win in this and future elections you and I will be living the islamic dream... Wait that must be Karl Rove speaking for me, this is some kind of Bush scare tactic! Terrorism isn't real, it's all made up! What was I thinking? Not like there haven't been 6,436 deadly terrorist attacks around the world since 9/11!

Anyways, good news about Saddam and his future hanging. Did you already hear the europeans complaining about this, what a bunch of pussies. Will the europeans ever get it? Probably not, look at their current situation! I guess being all PC and tolerant didn't work out to well for them! Fuck 'em!

I hope they (the media) show Saddams death on TV! You know, i'm a blood thursty-neocon-gun toting-right wing-fascist-Republican that likes to see his enemy fall. Saddams death will be and should be a message to all terror supporting assholes: Iran, N. Korea, Syria, Cuba, UN, etc...! But, we know with our pussy ass media they won't show shit, I mean it might help the Republicans in some sort of wierd way. Instead they would rather show footage of American soldiers being slain by one of their so called 'freedom fighters' or known to most sane Americans as islamo-fascist! Saddam's capture and soon to be death will be a proven success for G.W. Bush and America despite what all the lib's and democrats will say. You know nothing the US ever does is just unless a democrat, that's been approved by the left, is responsable for doing it. Funny how they say they love America when all they do is attack it and try to bring it down! What a bunch of faggots!

Thank GOD for the internet or should I thank Al Gore, because Saddams hanging will be on You Tube in no time after it happens! Rumors say it may be January!


Blogger Progressive Pete said...

You mock liberals when you say Sadaam's capture and death "might help the Republicans in some sort of wierd way."

And later in the article you admit it would help G.W. Bush and right-wingers when you write, "Saddam's capture and soon to be death will be a proven success for G.W. Bush..."

So you contradict yourself, run around in a circle, attempt to reap the political benefit of war all while dismissing the lives of American soldiers. What do you do for a living, club baby seals?

AND you call yourself a what? An American? Someone who deserves preferential treatment over those 'damn A-rabs and Commies'?

Does anyone else get the logic behind this crazed sterno-bum?

Well, the good thing about America, the think that i like most is that fact that we have progressed as a nation. Our system allows us to represent the majority every 4 years. Whether or not we've changed as a country, whether or not we're ready to take back the middle class that Jefferson and other founding fathers worked so hard to protect, to bring our troops out of harms way and to demand better health-care.

Now i hope that stereotyping neocons will be a thing of the past by the end of the night. i won't refer to you as a 'neocon,' a 'coward,' or a 'chicken-hawk' tomorrow. My wish is to refer to you only as "the minority"

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