Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanks World...

It's amazing how the UN wants to criticize us, AMERICA, for trying to fix the world's problems and then they offer NO HELP in solving these problems. If the UN is so fucking concerned about the world why don't they do something to fix these problems.

I don't see the UN fighting TERROISM, I see them aiding terrorism! If Iraq is such a big deal why not lend a fucking hand. If the UN is all about world peace wouldn't this the most logical thing to do, lend a hand! I guess its easier to criticize than to actually do some hard work that will benefit mankind (sounds like pussy ass liberalism to me)! Look at your europe, liberalism and social has sure helped them! Good luck guys!

Why can't the UN seem to get AFRICA out of poverty and starvation, I mean it's only been 30+ years of working on that. Ever wonder how much your hard earned tax dollars have gone to fund these African war lords? Thanks Bono! The Sudan sure is a great vacation destitnation! Even Bradgolina had to have tight ass security due to islamo-fascist threats on their dirty infidel life!

IAEA sure seems to like letting countries develop nuclear weapons: N. Korea and now Iran! What has the UN done about global warming? Seems like all those countries that love to criticize us about the Kyoto deal haven't really lived up to their obligations... FUCKING HYPOCRITES!

The UN has some of the worlds biggest human rights violators on its security council, does this not bother the leftest assholes of the world? It's time to shut the UN down! These fuckers are openly working against us and it's all becuase we can't defend ourselfs in this FASCIST PC WORLD we live in!


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