Thursday, April 13, 2006


Whats going on with the world? The UN once again is cowering over another important issue. I guess they thought it would be ok to let Iran get nukes. Hell, they want Iran to have nukes. They know it hurt's the US and to them thats ok. Majority of the world hates the US and would like to see us fail. It's all out of pure jealousy. You don't think Russia is pissed about losing the "cold war?" Look how many of their "occupied" territory's they lost due to our pressure on them and our troops in Europe and Aisa. I'm pretty sure Putin, ex KGB, is a little bitter about things. Do you really think China is our "friend?" I seriously doubt it. They are still COMMUNIST and they are part of the fucking UN and we deal with them economically! Who was the genious that invited these guys to the UN or to due business with us? Thanks to the left, who are communist deep down, we the US are having to endure with them tearing this country apart to make us into a bullshit socialistic society. Live off the goverment, welfare for everybody! Liberals want to save the world, but they are the ones destroying it! Fucking idiots!


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