Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Let's Blame America

It's funny that homosexuals in Iraq say they fear for their safety due to the American liberation of Iraq. I don't remember any Islamic country accepting or allowing homosexuality to be tolerated. I thought homosexuality is one of the reasons "muslim Extremist" hate America! Why aren't the liberal's out demanding that Muslims be more tolerant of gay's? I guess their to busy trying to destroy America because we are the real enemy. Think about it, the liberal's, democrats and mainstream media would rather go after our troops for humiliating insurgent's by putting panty's on their heads, but not make a fucking peep about terrorist cutting off the heads of random people just trying to make a living or little christian school girls walking home from school! Whose side are you on?

The liberals are so fucking stupid that if they had the chance to run this country they would do away with our military and would open our borders to Al Qaeda and every other vagrant in the world who want's to live off our welfare. They think this would make the muslims like them, but they would probably change their minds once they see their friends being beheaded during the middle of a soccer game for a simple crime that went against the rule of Islam! These fuckers need a reality check. Is it really going to take another tragic attack on American soil for these idiots to learn what we are up against. I guess their to busy drinking starbucks and reading NY Times to have a care in the world. If it's bad for America it's good for liberals and dumbassocrats!


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