Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Global Warming is Bullshit!

Global Warming is complete bullshit. It's a fear tactic used by the left, just like muslims use terror as a fear tactic. Nobody knows for sure what effects our environment. The earth is millions of years old and we have only been keeping records of our atmosphere for 100 years. I don't think we know the facts. Man is not powerful enough to control nature! If you actually payed attention in school you might have learned that our Earth works in cycles. There have been hotter periods and there have been colder periods. There have been worse hurricane seasons in the past and i'm sure theres going to be plenty more even if man nukes itself off the planet. I say screw the evironmentalist, let the government cut all of their funding!

Whats up with eco-terrorist? Let's go set some construction sites on fire and put more toxins into the air or lets go spray paint some Hummers to make a point and put more toxins into the air while doing it. These people are fucking idiots! Society needs to round these people up make them work for a waste management company. Save the Earth now asshole!


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