Friday, January 12, 2007


I'm sure all of you have noticed, but i'm starting to really be a slacker when it come to blogging or maybe its just to depressing knowing the dumbassocrats have a 2 person majority over the republicans and now news sucks. Funny how we never hear how bad the economy is anymore, I wonder why, hmmmm? Hey what happened to those gas prices? Dem's and lib's are like little baby's - they whine until they get their way and then they still whine when they do! The Republicans are in the minority now, do they have rights too? When the dem's where in the minority all they did was bitch about their minority rights! Thats all they ever do is whine and bitch about AMERICA, look at them, they go and meet with our enemies behind our back: Ted Kennedy met with the Commies to block Regan in the 80's and Dodd met with Assad in Syria to appease him - what kind of shit is this? I call it TREASON! They are trying to bring this country down everyday with all their bull shit! Look at all the LAWS and TAXES these fuckers have imposed on us! Yeah they love this country, is this what the founding fathers would want: TAXES and LAWS! What the fuck was the BOSTON TEA PARTY for? I will tell you one thing, it sure wasn't for raising my taxes, outsourcing our needds, not securing our borders, appeasing the enemy, being PC, or for lawyers to sue us all for every little thing!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry, we're not going to chastise you for not giving us free stuff. Do it at your own pace; I'll be here when you're ready.

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