Sunday, January 21, 2007

Gitmo Houses Innocents..?

A terrorist asshole, who was captured fighting American troops in Afghanistan, was sent to Club Gitmo about 4 years ago and released a while back has been recaptured fighting US forces in Afghanistan! What, didn't the left wing media and lefty politicans tell us these dickwads at Gitmo are innocent and we're holding them because Bush is a rascist like Hitler and we need to let them go home? I sure seem to recall so!

I guess this terrorist wasn't so nice and innocent after all, thanks B. Boxer, T. Kennedy, H. Clinton, etc... for letting people like this back out into the world, they seem to do the same things with pedophiles! At least our boys have his sorry ass back in custody. It's sad how these leftest think we should trust them on this whole terrorism issue and appease the enemy. Wait, they tried this already and we got 9/11! A special thanks to Bill Clinton (D) for letting terrorism get so bad and ta very special hanks to Jimmy Carter (D) for letting the whole terrorism bull shit start up in the first place.


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