Monday, September 03, 2007

Dem's Pose Max Threat to U.S. Security

Here's a pole I came across at World Tribune showing who American's view as the biggest threat to U.S. National Security! Notice how much higher the Dem's scored! When will the Dem's learn to take their socialist dream elsewhere!

"Rank the 2008 presidential candidates in terms of the threat each would pose to U.S. national security."

[Avg.: 1=Minimum, 5=Maximum Threat]

* Hillary Clinton 4.29
* Barack Obama 4.49
* John Edwards 4.66
* Fred Thompson 1.63
* Rudy Giuliani 1.77
* Mitt Romney 1.91


"Who should have the primary role in deciding U.S. foreign policy?"

* The State Dept.: 6.9%
* Public Opinion: 5.6%
* The President: 87.5%


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