Monday, December 11, 2006

No Worries?

Don't you love hearing that newley appointed Democratic chairman of the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Rep. Silvestre Reyes of Texas, doesn't know shit about terrorism or the threats that our country faces.

Due to their lack of knowledge of or their willingness to aggressively persue muslim xtremeist, who will these pile-of-shits blame when America is hit again with a terrorist attack?

Get rid of the Patriot Act and quit listening to the enemies phone calls and lets see what happens!

You'll be able to thank the democrat party and the xtreme left for the destruction of America! Thanks a lot assholes!


Blogger Progressive Pete said...

you know that thing, the constitution? yeah, i like it a lot. do you?

2:06 PM  
Blogger the boodge said...

Yeah I do "like" the constitution, thats why i'm looking out for the country by protecting it from assholes like yourself!

What do you have to hide Pete? Are you a terrorist? Why does the Patriot Act scare you? Everytime you libs bring it up you sound like a bunch of whiny little bitches. Shut the fuck up already! Americans like myself are tired of the far left defeatist like yourself!

Maybe you should be affraid of power hungry socialist, communist, liberal democrats (Hillary, Pelosi, Kennedy, etc...) who might try to abuse the powers and take away our rights as Americans or maybe even give our enemy fucking rights they dont deserve, oh wait too late, they already do this!

Maybe you should be asking yourself if you really "like" the constitution!

Libs like yourself want to control what we "right-wingers" say by trying to ban it from whatever it is by saying its hate speech! Then you're trying to take away everybodys right to bear arms (San Fransicko) and then your trying to take my tax dollars to pay for some lazy assholes or some illegals health care! What do you want next?

Do you call this freedom. Is being PC freedom?

Maybe Islam will bring a pussy like yourself freedom?
Convert or die kuffar!

7:19 PM  
Blogger Progressive Pete said...

you raise a lot of interesting points. what i like about this country more than anything else is the fact that we have laws that protect us (ie constitution, bill of rights, etc.) The other 'patriotic' issues are too cumbersome to me.

but anyways, i think that we are guarenteed affordable health care under the constitution.. you know that thing, "persuit of happiness" falls under the government's responsibility. that's my opinion but it's not yours. what i'm interested in is finding something in common, basically something constructive.

It's funny that you bring up the Patriot Act. The thing thatscares me about it is the fact that we don't knom it's perameters... no one does, i doubt even congressional reps have read it. so i think that by pretending to be a scholar on the issue and calling me a pussy doesn't make you any more knowledgable.

however, you impress me very much. how is the trailer park?

haha PC eh

1:06 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

From what I've seen, the majority of North Americans are so lost or blinded by their constitution or charter of rights, that they've really lost sight of how these issues have mounted, and how they can now be handled.

Our countries were founded over a 100 years ago, and a lot has changed since than. The social, technological, political and ecological environments have changed SOOO much since these drafts were written up, that most of them no longer apply, or in the least, are too vague or general to have much relevance in todays world.

I think rather than blindly following Charters and Constitutions, we should ask ourselves how much they really apply. We are all proud to be American or Canadian, because our countries have brought the world a lot of civil rights and freedoms. But our countries were founded in ignorant times, and we really should ask ourselves which rules still apply and work, and which ones need to be reconsidered.

So how about, instead of name calling, and playing the game of left and right extremist bicker battles, you actually start discussing what you agree on, and how your disagreements can be appropriately compromised.

I know, discussing and understanding is a hard and arduous process. It requires patience and tolerance, and empathy. And from what I can tell, most North American's don't have time for that.

(I am speaking as a born Canadian, with Christian roots and an agnostic, multicultural lifestyle)

12:51 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

I don't know where you get this shit: "A lot of liberals and democrats will have you believe that America is the bad guy in the world and Iran is the nice guy"

If you could post some links or something to content that would prove this point, I'd be willing to entertain it.

But really, I don't know any liberals that would say "Iran is the good guy". But you're right, I do no a lot of people that are pissed at America.

The problem is, Iran and America are both at fault. The both have very agressive ways toward, what they try to call "peace agreements".

America should be setting an example for the rest of the world, not repeating the steps, scandals and tactics of past conservative governments.

America is a wonderful place, with a lot of opportunity and some really great people. But it is also filled with people who are WAY to patriotic for their own good. I'm all for believe in and supporting my country, but only if I understand what they are doing, and agree with it, that's democracy: the right to agree or disagree.
I do not believe patriotism should be applied as blind faith, otherwise you are just as ignorant and hate filled as the Islamic governments which you speak out against.

Take steps toward change and progress, please, don't proliferate hate and conflict.

I agree with you on one thing: 100%. I'm sick of seeing Spears and Hilton in the news, when so much other shit goes undiscussed. I worry about a media system that keeps people blind to real national issues. Fuck celebrities and bring me real news.

(I am speaking as a born Canadian, with Christian roots and an agnostic, multicultural lifestyle)

1:19 PM  

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