Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hola Amigo

I applaud this group on the border. What they are doing is great and is what America is all about. If the goverment wont protect the citizen's then we will protect ourself's. I hope these guy's expand there operations into a year round event and start patrol across the whole border. Time to shut the borders to illegal's. Hince the name ILLEGAL! Won't doesn't the LAW understand about it. Kids get tickets for riding skateboards down public streets, but ILLEGAL ALIENS can come right across the border and not be punished! You've got to love this situation. What's wrong with those who support letting illegal's come across the border freely? Do they not realize that these people are part of the reason why we are being taxed to death and part of the reason why our public schools are going to shit! Let's not forget about the greedy school board members that skim off the public school funds too! It seems like the Liberals are the most corrupt and love supporting corruption publically - the U.N.


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