Monday, February 28, 2005

+ + politically correctness sucks + +

i want to start this off by saying that politically correctness is a disease! yup, thats right, it's a disease quickly destroying america with the help of the left and the ACLU. what is the purpose of being politically correct? to ensure everybody is treated fair? to ensure equality for everybody? this is a joke. what fairness is there? lets limit what you can say or express because you might offend somebody! the ACLU will stop at nothing to sue anybody or anything thats not deemed politically correct. you cant express your beliefs (religion, politics, abortion, thoughts, etc...) because your offending this person/group, what a contradiction. look what these people have done to christmas. you can no longer call a christmas tree a christmas tree, its now a giving tree! dont put up christmas lights you might offend somebody. what is wrong with people.

its time for americans to wake the fuck up! look how the left is making our troops fight a politically correct war, which will make it impossible to ever win. our troops cant attack a mosque that "insurgents" are cowardly hiding in, because its considered an attack on islam! this is outrageous! you know the "insurgents" would stop at nothing to blow up a church and this would probably be ok to the left, but dont attack a mosque! fucking hypocrits.


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