Monday, March 07, 2005

*** lets fight terror by funding it ***

italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena says the US tried to kill her on purpose. is this lady crazy, no, she's a communist, who is just trying to make America look like the bad guy. italy gave into ransom to free her. this is not the first time either, remember those other two female journalist that had be kidnapped earlier and then set free thanks to italy giving into terrorist demands. italy says they are helping to fight the "war on terror," doesn't look that way to me, looks like they are aiding the terrorist by funding them. italy has the blood of our soldiers on their hands along with the french, germans, russians and chinese! don't forget that italy was the enemy during WWII. time to wake up America and see who our real allies are!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is what happens when you drive to fast!

12:29 AM  

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