Saturday, July 14, 2007


Came across this great post:
The US Marine Double Tap Insurance Policy

"It's a safety issue, pure and simple. After assaulting through a target, we put a security round in everybody's head. Sorry al-Reuters,there's no paddy wagon rolling around Fallujah picking up "prisoners"and offering them a hot cup a joe, falafel, and a blanket. There's no time to dick around on the target. You clear the space, dump the chumps, and move on dot org. Are Corpsman expected to treat wounded terrorists? Negative. Hey Libs ... worried about the defense budget? Well, it would be waste, fraud, and abuse for a Corpsman to expend one man-minute or a battle dressing on a terrorist. It's much cheaper to just spend the $.02 on a 5.56mm FMJ [full metal jacket].

Read the rest here.

H/T Pedestrian Infidel


Blogger Weasel Zipper said...

but, but, but we should treat the peace loving jihadis with love and compassion said the liberal seconds before he was beheaded by Mohammed...

7:51 PM  

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