Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Yeah, the Boodge is back! Who cares, right! Anyways seems like the whole world has gotten more vile over the past month! It looks like good 'ol Fidel Jr. is becoming a dictator! Yes its true, Hollywood's hero, Hugo Chavez is proposing (demanding) to change the Constitution of Venezuela, which would allow him to be re-elected indefinitely! DICTATOR anybody!

How is this guy seen, by liberals and communist, as a true leader for freedom! Lib's call Bush a dictator, are you kidding me! Do you retards know what a dictator is? When has Bush tried to NATIONALIZE anything here in America? Last time I listened to any politicans, it's the democrats who want to NATIONALIZE everything from health care to your finances! Just listen to Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, or Boxer they're all Communist!

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