Monday, October 08, 2007

40 Years Later He's Still Gay

Don't you find Che shirts to be annoying! Fucking idiots wearing them have NO IDEA what Che stood for! Lets endorse communism, its so hot right now! These liberals think we live in a police state right now, what a bunch of fucking idiots. They have no idea.

How many people did Stalin and his communsim kill..? Oh, thats right, it was somewhere in the millions range!


Blogger Sabra said...

Yes, the Che shirts are more than annoying. I never, ever understood the "attraction."

However, I don't believe he was gay. He was married - twice - actually, didn't he marry one woman and then when he was out "fighting for his cause" meet another "younger and prettier" woman who he dumped his first wife for?

I truly don't recall learning anything [yeah - in public school? ha!] about him being gay - and if he would have been gay, I'm sure that that would have constituted a week's worth of history classes...

Please do inform me - really, was he gay?

4:06 AM  

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