Monday, June 25, 2007

John Edwards Is A Douche

This is a pretty funny video! We all know John Edwards is a douche bag and he'll NEVER BE PRESIDENT of this nation! Who the f@#k can respect or support a piece of shit lawyer like this, ? How many Katrina victims could he have fed with that amount of money? Instead he goes down to New Orleans to exploit these people for his own political gain! What an asshole!

My only problem with this video is how they compare BUSH to REAGAN! BUSH is no REAGAN and will never be! He had the chance to be like the great one, but blew it!

***NOTICE WHEN YOU ADD A LABEL AND TYPE THE FIRST LETTER "B" IT AUTOMATICALLY BRINGS UP BARACK OBAMA*** hmmm, Googles not bias in any way are they! Funny how the libs think the media world is run by neo-cons! What a bunch of idiots stuck in some sort of denial to reality!

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Blogger Weasel Zipper said...


Check this out, what a pussy!!!

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