Saturday, June 23, 2007

jihadis vs Little Girls

A group of girls returning home from school in Afghanistan's Logar province recently did not for a moment expect what lay ahead.

As they walked down a dirt track, insurgents sprang out of the parched farms and began firing on them.

Some of them fled into the farm, but two girls, one aged 13, the other 10, were killed in the ambush. Three of their friends were wounded.

Here we go again, another story about jihadis and kids getting murdered by jihadis! What cant the American left get about this struggle the world (indonesia, thailand, britian, iraq, pakistan, afghanistan, phillipines, india, russia, israel, etc...) is in right now battling these islamo thugs? Is the threat of terrorism not real because its not a, so called, immediate threat to your life! What will you retards say when shit does hit the fan in America? Are you going to turn to Nancy Pelosi for help? Doubt it!

Dont count on us RED states to help you either. You hate America, good! Hope you can grow your own food and hunt! Dont like guns, oh well, have fun with the gang bangers whom will probably get you first! Do you really think the "rednecks" and "nascar idiots" you shit on are going to help you? Time to pull your f@#king heads out of your asses and wake up to the REAL REALITY of the WORLD!

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