Monday, August 21, 2006

Don't Call Me A Commie

The liberals get so mad when you call them commies, but hey it's the truth. Look at these pictures taken at a anti-Israel, US rally here in America (thanks to Age of Hooper). Don't try to tell me they're not commie bastards. Che was no capitalist! We all know ANSWER and the ACLU, whose members are liberal, are front groups for communist and the spread of communism. They protest everything America does and are clearly the enemy! Just look at their actions and you'll get all the facts you need!

Remember the ACLU also supports the rights of child molestors, who in reality should have no rights! If your a sicko and want to molest a child then you should be put to death! You deserve no mercy! No need for them to sit in prison, which has never proven to cure anybody, wasting our tax dollars. Thanks ACLU for protecting such vile scum and for protecting the rights of terrorist who wan't to kill us too! They are surely looking out for my best interest and yours!


Blogger said...

Thanks for this!

Love your stuff, THE! (or should I call you Mr. BOODGE?)

9:45 AM  
Blogger the boodge said...

Boodge will be just fine.

Notice how the liberals haven't commented on this post. I guess you can't deny something you know is true!

9:09 AM  

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