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This picture is so true! I'm starting a new org called NIN, not Nine Inch Nails, but Nuke Iran Now. Nuke'em before they nuke us! Mr. Ammahnutjob is a fucking lunatic that should have the world ready to take him out of power, not trying to lick his ball sack. Can you say Hitler part 2! Maybe now you dumbass liberals will realize that Bush is not a "Nazi" and that Ammahnutjob is. When has Bush called for the destsruction of a race of people? I don't see Bush locking up muslims at Club Gitmo and turning them into lampshades, wallets or pillows. Bush hasn't made the muslims walk around with a patch marking them islamic, has he? Is Bush calling for the destruction of islamic literature? Didn't think so.


Blogger Progressive Pete said...

Senor Bush didn't need to say he was going to commit genocide, he just went to Iraq without help from the rest of the world on FALSE PRETENCES!

last time i checked, he didn't "call for the destruction of a race of people" like you say ---

This study suggests the number of Iraqi civillians dead is 98,000+

98,000? You just love to hate. Now, because of Nutcases (PC? 'nough for ya?) like you, we're coming upon another invasion!!!!

You make me sick, sir. sick to my stomach

P.S. and don't try any of that "They would have attacked us" bullshit! Because Iraq would not have attacked us, we know this now! Learn from our mistakes. War is NOT the answer, sir.

1:33 PM  
Blogger the boodge said...

I'm glad I make you sick, but you must like feeling like shit becuase you keep coming back. Does my blog help with your bulimia?

When has the world ever helped the US out on anything? Aren't we always coming to peoples aid! What was the last thing the UN accomplished? Didn't the French just cower on their plan to send troops to the middle east? We don't want to disarm Hizbullah because like Iran we are funding them! When a tragic event happens (earthquake, tsunami) who is the first country to have aid on the scene? The US!

By the way, I never said Iraq would attack the US, but groups Saddam did support (financially) do and did attack us! A lot of those Iraqi civilians deaths are from "freedom fighters" blowing themselfs up amongst a group of civilians. You know, how real soldiers fight! It is a WAR and people do die during WAR! Haven't quite heard of a war where nobody dies!

There is no threat from islam, it's all a lie, right? "They would have attacked us," well they did attack us, what the fuck was 9/11? Was it just an inside job from the Bush admin? Bush was in office a few months and orchestrated it all, right? Controlled demolition my ass!

When the US is hit again, and it will, I hope your're one of the people who just happens to be in the middle of the attack. How's this sit in your stomach?

How many innocent civilians did Bill Clinton and Gen. Wes Clark kill when they bombed the hell out of Kosovo?

2:27 PM  
Blogger Progressive Pete said...

Sir, i agree. War is a serious business. This is not a black and white issue! Whether Clinton wages war and murders innocence or whether it's Bush, surely it doesn't matter. Are you going to sit there and justify Bush's miscalculation in Iraq based on a previous president's mistake? you're joking sir. We're talking about a hundred-thousand lives (doubtful that even 5% of those were dead because of suicide, IF ANY.) And if you don't care about those "damn Iraqis lives", then consider our boys. There's no question in my mind - we need them out now, sir!

There is a civil war in Iraq right now and our troops, America's troops are stuck in the crossfire. War is a serious business. A country does not wage war on another country based on lies my friend! Loss of life is unacceptable (whether it's you, me, race or culture) and you know this.

I would just adore you if you would change the title of this post to "Nuke Nobody Now"... it's fun, simple and easy... tell your friends the 3 N's.

heterosexually yours,

4:19 PM  
Blogger the boodge said...

dont try to pass as a hetrosexual, you know your gay!

6:02 PM  
Blogger Progressive Pete said...

Yay now we're getting off topic. Republicans can never stick to the issues. Gosh if for nothing else, you've gotta love em for that. Am i wrong?

People are dying in the Middle East and if all you care about is sexuality in AMERICA, you are one sad man.

Don't worry about me finding you attractive, sir. I find you utterly repulsive.


7:48 PM  
Blogger the boodge said...

Pig Vomit, I mean Pete

It's the liberals who like to change the subjects. First it's the war, then oil, then the economy (what was that unemployment number lately?), then torture of prisoners, then Marines killing Iraqi's, more oil, back to torture, then back to economy, oh wait back to torture. It's always an attack on America and never on the enemy! America is evil, America is bad, America is a terrorist regime! Blah, Blah, Blah!

Yeah, i'm aware our brave men and women are fighting and dieing in Iraq. One thing though, I actually support their mission unlike you who want's to just bring them home now! Jobs not done, but hey lets leave! You don't know what's going on in the field of operations, are you there? Do you really think you have a fucking clue? Do you go to meetings with our top commanders? All you spew is "no war," but hey, it's a fact of life and it's never going to happen. There's always been war and there's always going to be war.

Instead of preaching to me and Americans about how bad we are and war is (we do live in piece with our neighbors), maybe you should go educate the people in the middle east. They've been at war since the beginning of civilization and still at it to this day! Why dont you do humanity a favor and go lecture them about how bad war and how they shouldn't kill!

8:38 PM  
Blogger Jason H. Bowden said...


I'm not for nuking Iran, but I'm definitely for preemptive airstrikes against their nuclear program.

This isn't a neo-con thing to do, since Clinton wiped out the bulk of Hussein's weapons capacity without UN approval in 1998. I commend him for that, especially since the GOP at the time was investigating him for nonsense in his personal life.

With regard to Iraq, it is part of the campaign against the global Islamofascist movement that has been growing rapidly in the last few decades.

There needs to be fundamental change in the Middle East. It will be long, costly, bloody, and worth it, given the future of human civilization belongs to freedom, not fascism.

9:37 PM  
Blogger Progressive Pete said...

Get off it man. Progressives want change. We're always adapting to fit the situation. If conservatives want to stay in a quagmire (which doesn't really SUPPORT our troops) and let American men and women die, that's what they'll do... they have total control in congress... that is, until November rolls 'round

Lets be realistic. Would you rather support "the mission" that the troops have, which is to stay in Iraq. Or, would you like to support their "lives" in Iraq. It's simple for me.. but either way, you're supporting the troops. It's just that if you support them coming home they won't necessarily DIE!


1:49 PM  
Blogger the boodge said...

"Progressives want change"

yeah, to a more communistic way of life!

1:39 PM  

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