Friday, September 08, 2006

Democrat = Modern Day Communist

Dont you just love the left and all their bullshit antics! They call Bush and his admin Nazi's, but they (democrats/communist/fascist/all the same) are the ones trying to enforce censorship on someones FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Why is ABC being pressured to change history?

What's Bill and his admin have to hide? Maybe the TRUTH that he didn't do shit to fight terrorism (cause it doesn't exist, right) and that he and Sandy Burglar let Bin Laden get away, why else would Sandy want to steal documents for the National Arcives! Clinton had 8 years of Bin Laden and attacks on US interest, but somehow 9/11 was planned and carried out in the 9 months Bush was in office, yeah ok! You know this little deboncle might just ruin Hillary's chances of being president in '08(god forbid), maybe this is why Clinton and all his communist loving democrats are rushing to censor the truth(sounds kinda like the soviet union)! Wouldn't America to see the truth: DEMOCRATS COULD GIVE TWO FUCKS ABOUT NATIONAL SECURITY!


Blogger Progressive Pete said...

read. tell me if it makes you upset, happy, dismayed, or if it doesn't do anything for you...

9:12 AM  

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