Friday, June 02, 2006

9/11 conspiracy theories

This is a great clip from indymediawatch. it's a 9 minute clip from the Penn & Teller show. They need to play this on all tv channels for the whole American public to view. Fuck the conspiracy theories from these left wing nut jobs. 9/11 was not George Bush's plan, so he could invade Iraq or wage a war against Islam. Democrats, liberals and Islam are responsable for 9/11! Yup, they are the ones. How many time did America get hit while Bill Clinton was president? Does the first WTC bombing, the USS Cole bombing, or the US embassies in Africa being bombed ring a bell! Bill Clinton had the opportunity to take Bin Laden out, but didn't due to the fact that children, future terrorist, were in the terrorist training camp. Was it worth letting him get away? I don't think so and Mr. Clinton should face up to it. Let's not talk about Clinton selling the US out to the Chinese. No, he didn't give them the nuke technology to target our city's, nor did he give N. Korea nuke technology. Fuck Bill Clinton, Hillory Clinton, liberals, "freedom fighters" and democrats. Keep fucking America up and there won't be an America left.


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